• Country Origin: Greece
IMAGE 1- The variety of Basmati rice is known as the “queen of flavors”. It grows for thousands of years in the foothills of the Himalayas from where it gets its characteristic flavor. Agrino carefully selects the best varieties of Basmati from the famous Punjab valley which is oozed by 5 tributaries of Indus River. / IMAGE 2- Jasmine rice grows in the mountain slopes of exotic Thailand from which it also gets its natural flavor. It is particularly light and delicate! / IMAGE 3- Italian Rice is grown in the fertile plains of the Italian Po River in Pavia. Its large grain size and its particular, of premium quality, characteristics combined with fresh broth -an essential ingredient for a successful risotto- creates a perfect creamy result. / IMAGE 4- Wild Rice is a combination of wild and parboiled rice, rich in nutrients. Wild rice is a water-grass seed, which is grown alongside lakes and rivers of North America. Known as “Indian rice”, it was the main ingredient of the Indian food tribes of North America. It is still cultivated in the old traditional Indian way.