Queen of dates

  • Country Origin: Tunisia
1- Queen of dates Branched dates in pure and natural state, are the most consumed in Europe and the Maghreb: their characteristic tasty and honeyed flesh as well as their amber color make it a true gluttony. Standard dates The standard dates are selected natural dates that do not undergo any treatment on culture and are detached from the branches. Conditioned dates Packed dates are dates that undergo washing and heat treatment. This treatment consists of humidification (by steam) followed by mechanical drying. They can also be glucose controlled according to the customer's request. For this product, we use deglet nour dates as well as common dates such as the varieties Kenta or Allig and khouat allig Pitted dates These are natural dates selected and pitted by hand that can be packaged in the natural state or processed as is the case for packaged dates. Industrial dates These are dates for industrial use, used by industrial companies for the manufacture of date-derived products such as syrup, jam, protein bars ...