Wine Vinegar

  • Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- PROSECCO WINE VINEGAR PGI Varvello brings to your table the vinegar produced with Prosecco PGI wine, the most world-wide exported Italian wine. This Prosecco wine vinegar has its roots in a supply chain project implemented by some wine families sharing the same traditions and passion for viticulture. / IMAGE 2- ROSÉ WINE VINEGAR Obtained by the fermentation of selected table wines, mainly from Sicily and with a high alcohol content, this Rosè wine vinegar adds a delicate taste to all the summer fish and white meat salads, enhancing the aromas of your vegetables. / IMAGE 3- BAROLO AND BARBARESCO WINE VINEGAR CGDO The vinegar obtained from Barolo CGDO and Barbaresco CGDO is produced with Piedmont noble wines with a high alcohol content. / IMAGE 4- PINOT WINE VINEGAR The Pinot Grigio wine vinegar is made with wines from Sicily, a land particularly appreciated by Varvello for the high quality of its grape varieties. The secret of this vinegar is the long aging of wines. / IMAGES 5- VERMOUTH WINE VINEGAR This vinegar is a tribute to Vermouth, the historical wine from Turin, whose origins date back to the end of the 1800s. The Vermouth vinegar, which is obtained from grape must, is ideal for your meat barbecues.