• Country Origin: Austria
IMAGE 1- Classic French fries, prebaked in sunflower oil, deep frozen There are French fries and there are 11er French fries and you can taste the difference. With the best cultivation areas, continuous care of plants and working relationships with our contract growers of many years standing we are able to produce a small range of high-quality French fries to the highest possible standards using 100 % pure sunflower oil and golden-fleshed Agria potatoes. / IMAGE 2- Classic fries, 9/9mm, prebaked in sunflower oil, deep frozen The Belgians might have invented French fries but here at 11er we have perfected their taste. Whereas a lot of manufacturers mass-produce thousands of tons of French fries per day we at 11er produce in the Alpine tradition on a small scale and with a great deal of love and attention to detail the kind of quality we expect of good food and which we has been our hallmark for decades. Take our word for it and decide for yourself. / IMAGE 3- for the microwave-oven, prebaked in sunflower oil, deep frozen If it's got to be quick and the tummy's rumbling! Our microwave oven French fries with a preparation time of only 4 min. are just the thing. Whether at home during the TV adverts, for lunch at the office or to quickly meet a child's wish. Ultra crispy and with a sensational taste you've got to have tried them or you'll hardly believe it! / IMAGE 4- Gourmet French fries, prebaked in sunflower oil, deep frozen Our 11 Minute French fries cut a fine figure and you shouldn't leave them in the oven for too long. To be exact - for only approx. 11 minutes - they will then be the / IMAGE 5- Premium fries, fine cut 7/7 mm, prebaked in sunflower oil, deep frozen More potato and less water equals more flavour and faster preparation! At 11er only very special potatoes qualify for "Our Best" French fries . They have beautifully yellow flesh and a high starch content which means greater dry weight. In the production process developed by ourselves we dry the potato chips far longer than conventional French fries which provides them with their unique crispy finish. This process may cost us more time but the expenditure is worthwhile because the fries lose more humidity and can therefore be prepared in your oven at home in no time at all. Since "Our Best" are not as long in the oven energy consumption is lower and no there are no burnt ends either. Taste the difference! / IMAGE 6- conical, prebaked in sunflower oil, deep frozen Conical croquettes do not just have an aesthetic appearance but with their delicious taste they also brighten up the Sunday lunch. Filled with freshly prepared potato purée and especially gently pre-fried in 100 % sunflower oil they receive their unique delicately crisp fluted coating. Enjoyment that will mesmerize you / IMAGE 7- Rosti Potato, grated prebaked in sunflower oil, deep frozen / IMAGE 8- Crispy Rosti, natural homemade stlye, prebaked in sunflower oil, deep frozen Do you have a yen for the good old-fashioned potato cuisine of bygone days? Then go with your gut feeling and try our classic "Pure Crispy Rosti - just like home-made". Love and care and an especially gentle process together with the best ingredients create a rosti which could have been handmade. Tastes incomparably crispy and delicious. / IMAGE 9- Crispy Rosti with tyrolean Bacon homemade style, prebaked in sunflower oil, deep frozen Ever been on holiday to Tyrol? No? Then allow us to tempt you there with its flavours. Because this combination is unbeatable! Mildly smoke-dried bacon refined with our unique Crispy Rosti; just like home-made - that's how we conjure up a portion of traditional Tyrolean fare directly onto your plate. Whether as a side dish with crispy lettuce or perhaps as pièce de résistance with a fresh fried egg. / IMAGE 10- Rosti ABC prebaked in pure sunflower oil, deep frozen The potato surprise for kids and young-at-heart adults! Cute and creative; make spelling really fun and taste incredibly good! The best way to banish boredom at lunchtime. Enjoyment from A-Z.