Tête de Moine, Fromage de Bellelay

  • Country Origin: Switzerland
IMAGE 1- Tête de Moine, Fromage de Bellelay This delightful cheese turned into rosettes from the Swiss Jura region On the mountain pastures of the Swiss Jura region, cows enjoy the special composition of the aromatic grasses and herbs from springtime to autumn and fragrant hay in the wintertime. This gives the Tête de Moine its unmistakable character and unparalleled taste marked by its original natural environment. It is in this region, in the monastery of Bellelay, that this cheese speciality was created 800 years ago. To maintain its production according to the ancient tradition in the region in which it originated, Tête de Moine has been registered since 2001 as a protected label of origin (AOC). The AOC label offers you as a consumer the guarantee that each Tête de Moine is a genuine original