Hot Sauce

  • Country Origin: Colombia
IMAGE 1- chipotle bbq plastic pet 16,2 fl oz The best bbq sauce for chicken wings, ribs, hamburgers and grilling. / IMAGE 2- Habanero amazon in vinegar Ideal for salad, stir fry vegetables, rice, hot dogs and hamburgers. / IMAGE 3- green amazon The Amazon Pepper Green sauce has a perfect medium level of spiciness for your meals> / IMAGE 4-Habanero For the real professional in fiery foods. Delicious on hamburgers, sandwiches, shawarma, eggs, seafood, rice, cocktail drinks and meats. Add the heat to your imagination. / IMAGE 5- Green amazon in vinegar Whole and sliced peppers in vinegar. Use vinegar on salads or mix the peppers with salads, stir fry vegetables, hot dogs, hamburgers, or rice / IMAGE 6- guava Guavas are native to Latin America and the Caribbean and rich in vitamin A and C. This sauce and its outstanding aroma will remind you of the wild tropics. Made with Guavas, Vinegar, Sugar and Spices, it makes an excellent salad dressing (added to your favorite olive oil) as well as a great marinade for your beef, poultry and fish. You can also mix it with cream cheese or mayonnaise to make a tasty dip! / IMAGE 7- mango Ideal for fried & breaded food, BBQ, hamburgers, tacos, rice. / IMAGE 8- sweet chilli Ideal for Chinese and Japanese foods (eggs rolls, sushi, stir fry vegetables, etc.), grilling, marinating chicken and seafood. / IMAGE 9- buffalo wings plastic pet 12 fl oz Go ahead and add our delicious Buffalo Wings Sauce to your fried, grilled, broiled or BBQ’d chicken. For best results, marinate overnight (or use it as a Wing dip too). Made with our Best Peppers selection, Vegetable oil, Sugar, Vinegar, Garlic, Sodium benzoate (as a preservative) and BHT as an antioxidant. / IMAGE 10- Red Amazon Fresh aroma and spiciness. Ideal for meats, soups, rice, seafood and cocktail drinks. /IMAGE 11- Chipotle Superb sauce. Naturally smoked. Ideal for grilling or marinating meats. Condiment for soups, chili, rice, shrimp, fish, BBQ, dips, salad dressings, tacos, grilled vegetables.