• Country Origin: Peru
IMAGE 1- DRIED GOLDENBERRIES Variety: "San Pablo". Our goldenberries are of an unique ecotype. They have an extraordinary color and sweetness in addition to their multiple vitamins and antioxidants. Seasonality: All year round. / IMAGE 2- DRIED MANGOS Variety: Haden. Our mangos are picked ripe and go directly to the drying process, allowing us to trap its sweet flavor and brilliant color. Seasonality: December to March. / IMAGE 3- DRIED PINEAPPLES Varieties: Española Roja. Grown in a jungle valley our pineapples possess an unparalleled sweetness. Seasonality: All year round. / IMAGE 4- DRIED BLUEBERRIES Variety: Biloxi Their phenomenal taste is a testimony to the excellent growing conditions in Cajamarca. Seasonality: July to December. / IMAGE 5- DRIED POMEGRANATE SEEDS Variety: Wonderful. Grown in a sun drenched coastal valley which ensures spectacular colour, taste and properties. Seasonality: March to May. / IMAGE 6- DRIED BANANAS Variety: Cavendish. Our Banana is grown in an Andean valley and has an intensive taste and aroma. Seasonality: All year round. / IMAGE 7- MIXES Our wonderful fruit can be mixed at our plant according to your wishes. Try our mango-banana-pineapple "Tropical Fruit Mix" or our goldenberry-blueberry-pomegranate "Andean Fruit Mix".