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IMAGE 1- Il Sale di Trapani 7% VAT plus shipping costs Sea salt from Trapani (200g). Il Sale di Trapani, our sea salt from Trapani, is traditionally produced in salt pans by natural evaporation. It is cleaned by hand and contains no artificial additives. The salt contains iodine and other trace elements important for the human organism. The area of ​​the salt pans includes parts of the municipalities of Trapani, Paceco and Marsala in Sicily and is bordered by the “Via del Sale” that runs from Trapani to Marsala. Grandma always said: Sicilians can salt! 100% Italian product! Without the addition of dyes and preservatives. / IMAGE 2- L'Origano Montano 7% VAT plus shipping costs Bergoregano from Calabria (18g). Our L'Origano Montano is a wild mountain oregano from the “Sila” plateau of Calabria. In summer this is laboriously collected by hand in the forests in the Sila at an altitude of 800 - 1,200 meters and then dried. A comparable oregano is difficult to get. The smell and taste are unusually intense. The oregano is widely used in Calabrian cuisine. Hardly any dish can do without oregano. 100% Italian product! Without the addition of dyes and preservatives!