• Country Origin: Germany
IMAGE 1- CAMEMBERT CREME FORGET EVERYTHING YOU KNEW ABOUT CAMEMBERT SO FAR. The first spreadable Camembert treat. The ideal alternative to the classic Camembert. For cheese sandwiches. As a dip. Or for cooking. Made from fresh alpine milk and without any additives. Of course! INGREDIENTS 52% CAMEMBERT; CREAM; BUTTER; 1% CREAM CHEESE; WHEY protein; salt ALLERGENS Milk and products thereof (incl. lactose) / IMAGE 2- ORIGINAL OBAZDA A REAL BAVARIAN ORIGINAL. For our Obazda we mix Camembert with cream, butter and spices into a savoury cheese spread made from purely natural ingredients without preservatives and flavour enhancers. Great for tea time and any other time. Obazda from Alpenhain - a piece of Bavarian cultural heritage that was also protected by the EU with the PGI seal. They’re still around: genuine Bavarian originals. INGREDIENTS 53% CAMEMBERT; CREAM; BUTTER; 1% CREAM CHEESE; onion; salt; spices; caraway Beer Garden Cheese: Savoury and spiced cheese spread from 100% Bavarian Camembert, double cream, 150 g