Bloody Mary Cocktail

  • Country Origin: United Arab Emirates
IMAGE 1- CLASSIC BLOODY MARY MIXER A delicious twist on an old classic – featuring scratch Worcestershire sauce using roasted garlic puree, onion puree and tamarind. Nicely balanced, not too spicy with premium Roma tomato juice, cayenne pepper, lemon juice and black pepper. Chef Lamas pays homage to the traditional Bloody Mary – with this own unique approach. / IMAGE 2- LOADED BLOODY MARY MIXER Featuring garden fresh flavor of just-picked cucumbers, fresh horseradish, cracked black pepper, diced jalapeños and scratch Worcestershire sauce Brightened by hints of cucumber, lime and lemon juices, this multi-layered, handcrafted, complex mix will leave you craving more. The rich mouthfeel provided by the diced and pureed ingredients truly defines this exceptional experience. / IMAGE 3- 5 PEPPER BLOODY MARY MIXER Seriously spicy blend of peppers sure to excite your senses! Featuring jalapeño, aji pepper, roasted poblano, Anaheim and red bell pepper purees — the heat you will experience is truly bold! Using crushed peppers instead of dried peppers provides a truly unforgettable mouthfeel and sets these mixes apart from all the rest With just the right amount of spice, bite and texture, this blend will challenge even the most adventurous soul. / IMAGE 4- MICHELADA MIXER A spicy, savory, and refreshing Mexican beer cocktail! Master of Mixes Gourmet Michelada Mixer is an authentic blend of tomato juice, lemon juice, lime juice, spices, umami and a secret blend of peppers to make the perfect Michelada, a Mexican-derived drink of lager mixed with some combination of savory sauces and spices.