• Country Origin: United Arab Emirates
IMAGE 1- Old Fashioned Mix Perk up your bourbon, whiskey, and brandy with Finest Call Old Fashioned Mix, an amazing blend of bitter, sweet and sour flavors all in one bottle! Go classic with one of America’s first cocktails. / IMAGE 2- Lime Juice West Indian limes give our 100% pure Lime Juice the perfect touch of acidity and soft floral aroma that make it a bar staple used in countless cocktails from a scratch margarita to a gimlet. / IMAGE 3- Cosmopolitan Mix We added simplicity to style by combining the essential cosmopolitan ingredients into one bottle. We crafted a blend of New England cranberries, Key lime juice and sweet orange oils with all natural sweeteners for a cosmopolitan that you will not soon forget. / IMAGE 4- Lime Mix The soft floral aroma of premium extracts and the presence of all-natural sweeteners make this product a perfect substitute for lime juice. It will never darken and is ideal in regions where heat quickly darkens more juice-intensive products. / IMAGE 5- Mojito Mix We sourced authentic ingredients to deliver a mojito packed with natural mint oil, Key lime juice, and pure cane sugar. Discover the convenient way to create this classic Cuban cocktail! / IMAGE 6- Piña Colada Mix What do you get when you combine natural tropical coconut with the best quality pineapple juice? Finest Call Piña Colada Mix, an authentic and convenient way to serve this world famous tropical treat. Refreshing and creamy, this piña colada wins taste test after taste test. / IMAGE 7- Espresso Create the perfect after-dinner drink, frozen drink or signature cocktail that features true Espresso beans and flavor. This Finest Call Espresso Martini Mix is the perfect addition to any cocktail and the ultimate pick-me-up for any customer. The profile, which showcases true Espresso, creates an authentic coffee flavor that is clean and complements any cream liqueur, whipped or vanilla vodka. / IMAGE 8- Sour Apple Martini Mix Determined not to stop short of pucker perfection, we based this blend on the tartness naturally found in Granny Smith apples and added in pure, clarified lemon juice for a smooth and sour apple-tini.