• Country Origin: United Arab Emirates
IMAGE 1- Wild Mountain Huckleberry Syrup The huckleberry tastes similar to a blueberry but more robust and complex with a slightly more tart note. Distinctive for its rich purple color and high anti-oxidant level, this Northwest berry can help create a colorful twist on numerous classic cocktails. / IMAGE 2- Prickly Pear Syrup This desert fruit, native to the southwest United States, plays the starring role in Finest Call Prickly Pear Syrup. Its brilliant color is as authentic as the slightly tart flavor it adds to your margaritas. / IMAGE 3- Sugar Syrup features pure cane sugar and carbon-filtered water to add a bit of sweetness to a multitude of drinks without the bother of cooking and storing your own / IMAGE 4- Bar Syrup Our Bar Syrup is a combination of superfine, all-natural sweetener and carbon-filtered water. It never crystallizes and adds a bit of sweetness to a multitude of drinks without the bother of cooking and storing your own. / IMAGE 5- Grenadine Syrup While it has become a rarity to see grenadine still made with its namesake fruit, the pomegranate (grenade, in French), we knew we wanted authenticity with unmatched quality. Our grenadine syrup recipe includes both pomegranate and cherry juices for a thicker consistency and a long-lasting vibrant color. It also gives a lingering full flavor that will keep you customer asking for more. / IMAGE 6- Triple Sec Syrup This blend of natural orange extracts and natural sweetener provides all of the orange flavor you need at a fraction of the cost. Easily substitute this alcohol-free triple sec in place of your liqueurs for the same great taste and added profitability. / IMAGE 7- Agave Nectar Syrup This sweetener is made using authentic agave nectar from the Blue Agave plant found in the Jalisco region of Mexico. Use this premium sweetener in your top shelf margaritas and more! / IMAGE 8- Orgeat Syrup This specialty syrup combines premium almond flavor with a smooth, sweet base that makes it perfect for your scratch mai tais and more. A must have for specialty cocktails and a great addition in the kitchen for a light almond touch to any dish. / IMAGE 9- Pomegranate Syrup One thing is clear – pomegranate is more than an exotic fruit fad. This tart superfruit has gone from hot trend to menu superstar. Finest Call Pomegranate Syrup contains real pomegranate juice so the fruit’s natural flavor shines through in your cocktail. Use it to effortlessly create your next signature drink or spice up your teas, lemonades or sparkling water. / IMAGE 10- Cherry Syrup This simple mix contains real cherry juice and a touch of all-natural sweeteners to let the classic cherry flavor shine. Its deep crimson color and classic cherry flavor make it a natural for countless cocktails including cherry colas, Shirley Temples, and flavored sodas. / IMAGE 11- Blue Curacao Syrup Reduce cost without sacrificing flavor with Finest Call Blue Curaçao. This natural orange extract has a vivid blue color that makes it a must for blue margaritas. / IMAGE 12- Elderflower Syrup Handcrafted with real Austrian elderflower to create a delicious bouquet of freshness and delicate sweetness to create the perfect invigorating flavor. Finest Call Elderflower Syrup creates a seductive and invigorating cocktail that is perfect for any beverage program and offers a cost-savings alternative for operators.