• Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- ALFREDO’S CHIPS SALT Thick slices of potatoes seasoned with only grains of salt. A perfect combination, balanced and prepared as the chef orders. 35 g | 150 g / IMAGE 2- ALFREDO’S CHIPS PEPPER The simplicity of the best potatoes but with an added touch of pepper. 35 g | 150 g / IMAGE 3- ALFREDO’S VEGGY The best vegan flavors in an all-Italian potato chip: red, white or green? 110 g / IMAGE 4- ALFREDO’S VEGETABLES CHIPS SALTED Crunchy refined Pastinacaa chips. Beetroot and sweet potato. 100g / IMAGE 5- ALFREDO’S CHIPS WITHOUT SALT The salt-free potato chip. So tasty that you don’t need to add anything else. 100g / IMAGE 6- ALFREDO’S CHIPS BLACK TRUFFLE Amica’s premium recipe with the aroma of truffles. Lose yourself in the perfumes of autumn. 35 g | 100 g