Anise Seed

  • Country Origin: Turkey
IMAGE 1- Anise Seed ANISE SEED WHOLE PRODUCT: This is the dried, ripe fruit of Pimpinella anisum L., an annual herb of the Parsley family. PACKAGING: Generic food packaging with labels easily removed. Metal, glass, brittle plastic and ceramics may not be used as part of the packaging material; packaging shall not be sealed with staples. LABELING: PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: COLOR: Greenish gray AROMA: Licorice-like TASTE: Licorice-like FOREIGN SEEDS: 1.0% Max. CHEMICAL CHARACTERISTICS: MOISTURE: 9.0% Max. (ASTA 2.0) TOTAL ASH: 9.0% Max. (ASTA 3.0) ACID INSOLUBLE ASH: 1.0% Max. (ASTA 4.0) STEAM VOLATILE OIL: 1.5% Min. (ASTA 5.0)MICROBIOLOGY: UNTREATED AEROBIC PLATE COUNT : 2,000,000 cfu/gm Max. (FDA BAM) E-COLI: Negative or <10 cfu/gm (FDA BAM) SALMONELLA : Negative / 25 gm (FDA BAM) COLIFORM: 2,500 cfu/gm Max. (FDA BAM) YEAST/MOLD: 5,000 cfu/gm Max. (FDA BAM) ETHYLENE OXIDE AEROBIC PLATE COUNT: <100,000 cfu/gm (FDA BAM) E-COLI: Negative or <10 cfu/gm (FDA BAM) SALMONELLA: Negative / 750 gm (FDA BAM) COLIFORM: <10 cfu/gm (FDA BAM) YEAST/MOLD: <100 cfu/gm (FDA BAM)