Balsamic with Truffle, Fig, Raspberry / vinegar

  • Country Origin: Italy
Balsamic with Truffle, Fig, Raspberry Three products of an optimal taste balance, developed starting from Giusti’s Balsamic Vinegar 3 Gold Medals infused with truffles, or with the addition of macerated fruits, and left to mature for a further period of at least six months in oak barrels. TRUFFLE: The dried black truffle is added directly while the balsamic vinegar is still in the cask, where the liquid is left until a perfectly balanced union of these two flavors is realized. The result is an excellent condiment for beef tartare, omelettes, fresh pasta, and risotto as well as being ideal for all dishes usually paired with truffle. FIG: Delicacy and sweetness. The result of a maceration of a blend of fig, directly in the balsamic vinegar, decanted and then aged in casks for months. Ideal with fresh cheeses, hams, Florentine steak and braised red wine beef. RASPBERRY: The natural sweetness of the Giusti 3 gold medals balsamic vinegar is enhanced and further intensified by raspberry juice, which macerates in the barrels, gradually merging with the flavors of the balsamic until a smooth combination is assured. To experiment with lamb, fillet of beef, pork medaglions and of course cheeses, ice cream and creams.