Organic fruits

Frozen Fruit
  • Country Origin: Germany
IMAGE 1- Organic Apple PRODUKTVARIATIONS Dices Segments ORGIN Germany Italy / IMAGE 2- Organic Apricot PRODUKTVARIATIONS Dices with skin on Dices peeled Halves with skin on Halves peeled ORGIN Spain / IMAGE 3- Organic Pear PRODUKTVARIATIONS Dices ORGIN Italy / IMAGE 4- Organic Strawberry PRODUKTVARIATIONS Whole calibrated Whole uncalibrated ORGIN Poland Spain Turkey / IMAGE 5- Organic Raspberry PRODUKTVARIATIONS Whole Whole & broken Crumble ORGIN Serbia Poland / IMAGE 6- Organic Cherry PRODUKTVARIATIONS Sourcherries without stone Sweetcherries without stone ORGIN Serbia Turkey Poland Hungary / IMAGE 7- Organic Plum PRODUKTVARIATIONS Dices Florets ORGIN Belgium Poland France