• Country Origin: Ukraine
If you analyze the combination of nutrients and taste, then walnut will come out on top among other foods of plant origin. Walnut is a tree, whose height can reach up to 20-30 m, and trunk diameter up to one and a half meters. The tree has a thick wide-crown and large leaves. Of particular importance in the food industry is the fruit of this tree, which is a walnut nut. At the same time all parts of this plant are used very successfully. In modern industry, quite a large number of varieties and varieties of walnut are used as raw materials. All of them are of nutritional value, and the oil from the kernels of nuts is used not only as food and food additives, but also goes for the production of varnishes, ink, soap and ink. Ukrainian private enterprise offers a potential buyer a walnut in the peel. Variety In shell, Butterfly, Quarter, Mix Location Ukraine, Lubny Year 2018 Service Sale Delivery We delivery at the specified location with a complete set of documents