Sustainable Tropical Oil

Plant & Animal Oil
  • Country Origin: Guatemala
IMAGE 1- "Palm oil is the most consumed vegetable oil on the planet and is found in about half of all packaged products sold in the supermarket." WWF / IMAGE 2- Sustainable tropical oil is a reality In AgroAmerica we have implemented practices that contribute to the sustainable production and commercialization of tropical oil. We execute our production process with the highest quality standards; which is certified internationally, thus promoting environmental, social and economic development. Worldwide, the oil palm uses the fruits, both pulp and almond. Once processed, palm products are used for the agri-food industry (80% worldwide), cosmetic and chemical industries, animal feed products and, recently, for biodiesel production. Nutritive Value of Sustainable Palm Oil In Guatemala, our sustainable production of tropical oil is completely aimed at human consumption, thus contributing to food health. Currently the country does not produce biodiesel for industrial use. Guatemala ranks first in the world in terms of productivity per hectare, surpassing Malaysia and Indonesia. The scarcity of land for the cultivation of sustainable tropical oil implies that we must be very efficient per hectare, in order to minimize the social and environmental impact. / IMAGE 3- Sustainable Palm Almond Oil Palm kernel oil is obtained from the kernel of the palm fruit. It has a yellow color and can be easily refined, which acquires a light color and is thus used to make hundreds of edible products. / IMAGE 4- Raw Sustainable Palm Oil Crude palm oil is obtained from the mesocarp of the palm oil fruit. It is characterized by having a 1: 1 ratio of palmitic acid and oleic acid, which gives it high oxidation stability and does not require hydrogenation (precursor process of trans fatty acids). In addition, it has a high content of vitamins A (carotenes) and vitamins E (Tocopherols and Tocotrienols). Crude palm oil is used in its natural form as a raw material in the edible oils and fats industry (liquid oils and margarines), animal concentrates, soaps, cosmetics, among others. Thanks to its ratio of fatty acids, two fractions are obtained from the oil: stearin and olein, which have a wide range of uses at the industrial level. / IMAGE 5- Sustainable Palm Almond Flour Palm kernel or palm kernel flour is obtained from the fruit of the oil palm. This flour has been shown to be an important source of energy and protein in the manufacture of animal concentrates. It is used in the formulation of livestock feed; It provides soluble and insoluble fiber, proteins and fats, which are basic elements for the development of cattle, fattening and milk production.