• Country Origin: Thailand
IMAGE 1- DRIED FRUITS, DOI KHAM BRAND, DRIED STRAWBERRIES 25G Dried Strawberries From the big fruit strawberry Productivity of Mae Ngon Basin Development Project Due to the royal initiative Meticulously dried "Dried Strawberry Product of Doi Kham Food Products Company Limited is the first product in Thailand that has been registered carbon label" according to the standard of the Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization. (Public Organization) and Thailand Environment Institute The criteria for consideration cover the raw material preparation process To the packaging Which must reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the production process by an average of 10.0 percent or more / IMAGE 2- DEHYDRATED FRUITS, DOI KHAM BRAND, DEHYDRATED MULBERRY 60G Made from real mulberry Maintaining the full nature of Mulberry Mulberry contains anthocyanin. (Anthocyanin), which is an antioxidant. Helps to prevent heart disease. And prevent cancer and folic acid that is important in the formation of red blood cells Anemia prevention Helps the growth of the fetus .