• Country Origin: United Arab Emirates
IMAGE 1- Sweet & Sour Lite Mix is a blend of real lemon juice and sugar-free sweetener, highlighted by all natural lemon, orange, and lime extracts. Enjoy the same premium flavor with just a fraction of the total calories. The Finest Call Lite line of Premium Cocktail Mixers contains absolutely no sugar added! / IMAGE 2- Bar Syrup Lite America’s favorite zero-calorie sweetener, sucralose, makes this bar syrup perfect for adding a sweet touch to a wide array of low-calorie cocktails. / IMAGE 3- Margarita Lite Mix contains the perfect blend of lime and lemon juice with real citrus essential oils and no sugar added. With a meager 15 calories per serving, low-calorie consumers can sip guilt free. We are proud to add top shelf Margaritas to the list of options for low-calorie dieters everywhere.