• Country Origin: Thailand
IMAGE 1- CHAOHOH UHT COCONUT MILK SIZE 1,000 ML. / IMAGE 2- CHAO KAO PANDAN BRAND COCONUT MILK, SIZE 1,000 ML. One of Thai wisdom that has existed since the past until today Is the use of fragrance from plants Which is the fragrance from nature, pandanus, unique, ancient fragrance Java scent invites the senses to a sweet, inviting dessert that you will never forget. Pandan brand coconut milk, infused with Pandan scent Feel the softness of real coconut milk. With meticulous production procedures Selecting the finest raw materials With fragrant Pandan scent Packed into a UHT box Convenient and ready to use Suitable for Thai recipes such as coconut milk, pandan leaves, pandan, custard, pandan, etc. Just open the box, you can immediately smell the aroma of pandan leaves. Ready to create Thai desserts with pandan fragrance quickly, appetizing, maintaining the uniqueness of Thailand. / IMAGE 3- CHAO KAO UHT COCONUT MILK 1000ML GEMINA / IMAGE 4- CHAOKOH BRAND COCONUT CREAM, 1,000 ML. Coconut milk formula "Chao Ko" brand is more concentrated than general coconut milk, 23% squeezed from good coconut species that have been carefully selected. Environmentally friendly Through modern production processes, clean, hygienic principles With the UHT sterilization process, preserving its unique fragrance, without preservatives Chaokoh brand coconut milk formula can be used to cook fishy dishes that require special concentration of coconut milk, such as Chuchi, Hogwak and Mee coconut milk, etc. It is Thai, such as dessert, cup, dessert, and Knmcrk etc. / IMAGE 5- CHAO KO BRAND SMOKELESS COCONUT MILK, SIZE 1000 ML. Smokeless Coconut Milk 1000 ML Revealing the secret to delicious Thai desserts with smoked coconut milk, candles Maintain the authentic identity of Thai desserts, which is a secret recipe that has been passed down for a long time with the fragrance of flowers. And the smell of candles It takes the night to bake the coconut milk to smell the smoke. Inviting Smoked Coconut Milk "Chaokoh", a product that conveys the delicious aroma of traditional Thai desserts. With a production process that selects quality raw materials from the scents of flowers and candles Contains 16-18% fat, sterilized by the ultrahigh process Maintain the natural flavor of coconut milk. Sterile. Can be stored for 18 months at normal temperatures. Without preserving objects Just a short time, you will get a sweet scent of legendary candlelight. Maintain the charm of Thai desserts, suitable for recipes of Thai desserts such as Tubtim crispy, Lodchong, Bualoy etc.