• Country Origin: Thailand
IMAGE 1- COOKING COCONUT OIL 1000ML Coconut oil helps to prevent heart disease, diabetes and cancer. It does not cause obesity because it burns quickly. Does not accumulate and does not increase cholesterol Helps reduce free radicals. Makes the skin good Not wrinkled . Coconut oil is suitable for frying instead of other vegetable oils in cooking. Because it has high saturated fatty acids Heat resistant or can be eaten as a supplement . Adults eat 3-4 teaspoons a day, 1-2 teaspoons a day. On average, divided in small amounts until the full amount of the day. Or to be mixed in a hot drink Such as hot cocoa or warm juice Warm tomato juice mixed with coconut oil is very tasty. / IMAGE 2- COLD PRESSED COCONUT OIL, 450 ML King Island cold pressed coconut oil, 100% pure, very valuable, various ways to use For your good health • Cooking Tips: Virgin coconut oil can be used in a variety of meals, such as stir frying dishes, cooking them to help make the rice soft and fragrant. Used as ingredients in various foods such as salad dressing, bakeries. • Beauty Tips: In the beauty field, coconut oil can be used to thoroughly remove makeup on the face. Apply to face and body to add moisture. And reduce the inflammation of acne Use with essential oil for relaxing massage. Used in hair fermentation. • Healthy Tips: Eating 2 teaspoons of coconut oil per day helps to build immunity. Control blood sugar levels And stimulate the process of burning fat Helps to control weight • Dental Health Tips: Coconut oil can also be used to gargle to reduce bacteria in the mouth as well.