• Country Origin: United Arab Emirates
IMAGE 1- Peach Puree – EU Peaches are easily the most delectable summer fruit. We brought together specially selected varieties of peaches, including Elegant Lady, Summer Lady and Rich Lady, known for being very juicy and having supreme natural sweetness. These ladies deliver a sweet delicious puree that tastes like biting into a perfectly ripened peach. / IMAGE 2- Strawberry Puree – EU California strawberries harvested at their peak ripeness are the object of our labor as we carefully blend them with all-natural sweeteners. Great care is taken to ensure the light, refreshing flavor of sun-ripened strawberry shines in your cocktails. / IMAGE 3- Watermelon Puree – EU Watermelon is the quintessential summer cocktail ingredient with its refreshing, sweet flavor. Out of the 200+ varieties of watermelon grown in the U.S. and Mexico, we chose handpicked Sentinel watermelons from Washington state, which are known for their deep red interior and crisp, juicy fruit. Use this flavorful puree to add a bright summer twist to your cocktail menu. / IMAGE 4- Mango Puree – EU we searched the globe until we found the mango variety with superior flavor and balanced sweetness – the “King of Mangoes”! We blend pureed Alphonso mangoes with a touch of all-natural sweeteners for a refreshing tropical treat. / IMAGE 5- Sugar Syrup – EU Sugar Syrup features pure cane sugar and carbon-filtered water to add a bit of sweetness to a multitude of drinks without the bother of cooking and storing your own / IMAGE 6- Sweet & Sour Mix – EU a precise blend of pure lemon juice with all-natural essential lemon, lime, and orange oils, combined with simple syrup, creates one of the most versatile mixers in the world. It is vital for daiquiris, margaritas and any and all sour cocktails. / IMAGE 7- Sour Apple Martini Mix – EU Determined not to stop short of pucker perfection, we based this blend on the tartness naturally found in Granny Smith apples and added in pure, clarified lemon juice for a smooth and sour apple-tini. / IMAGE 8- White Peach Puree – EU Once the flavor of summer, white peach is now an exciting year-round flavor allowing consumers to explore the succulent fruit’s potential in their own innovative cocktail creations. / IMAGE 9- Wildberry Puree – EU wait until you taste our twist on wildberry – a unique blend of strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries. Finest Call Wildberry Puree Mix delivers an amazing combination of fruity goodness in every sip! / IMAGE 10- Grenadine Syrup – EU while it has become a rarity to see grenadine still made with its namesake fruit, the pomegranate (grenade, in French), we knew we wanted authenticity with unmatched quality. Our recipe includes both pomegranate and cherry juices for a thicker consistency and a long-lasting vibrant color. It also gives a lingering full flavor that will keep you customer asking for more. / IMAGE 11- Blue Curacao Syrup – EU This natural orange extract has a vivid blue color that makes it a must for blue margaritas. / IMAGE 12- Espresso – EU Create the perfect after-dinner drink, frozen drink or signature cocktail that features true Espresso beans and flavor. This Finest Call Espresso Martini Mix is the perfect addition to any cocktail and the ultimate pick-me-up for any customer. The profile, which showcases true Espresso, creates an authentic coffee flavor that is clean and complements any cream liqueur, whipped or vanilla vodka. / IMAGE 13- Cosmopolitan Mix – EU we added simplicity to style by combining the essential cosmopolitan ingredients into one bottle. We crafted a blend of New England cranberries, Key lime juice and sweet orange oils with all natural sweeteners for a cosmopolitan that you will not soon forget / IMAGE 14- Margarita Mix – EU we thought the best way to create an authentic margarita was to head south of the border for the star ingredient: lime juice! Taste the perfect blend of Mexican lime juice with a touch of natural lemon juice and agave nectar for a flavor that’s perfectly balanced between tart and sweet. We add in aromatic orange essential oils so you needn’t reach beyond your favorite tequila to create margarita excellence. / IMAGE 15- Premium Bloody Mary Mix – EU This premium blend is based on the same scratch recipe that brought the Bloody Mary worldwide fame nearly a century ago – tomato juice, black pepper, pure lemon juice, and a delicious blend of savory spices. / IMAGE 16- Piña Colada Mix – EU , an authentic and convenient way to serve this world famous tropical treat. Refreshing and creamy, this piña colada wins taste test after taste test. / IMAGE 17- Passion Fruit Puree – EU . The authentic flavor of this fruit yields a powerful combination that is both tart and revitalizing. / IMAGE 18- Mojito Mix – EU we sourced authentic ingredients to deliver a mojito packed with natural mint oil, Key lime juice, and pure cane sugar. Discover the convenient way to create this classic Cuban cocktail! / IMAGE 19 - Banana Puree – EU we captured the smooth and refreshing taste of sweet, tree-ripened bananas. This product is full of real banana puree (Cavendish variety) straight from Costa Rica so you’ll feel like you’re tasting a freshly peeled, delicious banana with every sip. / IMAGE 20- Lime Cordial – EU west Indian limes give our 100% pure Lime Juice the perfect touch of acidity and soft floral aroma that make it a bar staple used in countless cocktails from a scratch margarita to a gimlet / IMAGE 21- Premium Juice Citrus Sour Versatility is the key to the new Finest Call Premium Juice Citrus Sour – an even blend of single-pressed lemon and lime juices rounded out with premium orange juice. Citrus Sour features cane sugar, a touch of agave nectar and all-natural colors and flavors. This delicious product can be used as the base for a top shelf margarita as well as function as a premium sweet & sour mix.