• Country Origin: Greece
IMAGE 1- Trachana with vegetables (fasting) For those who are fasting or for vegetarians who are in search of a taste. Wheat flour is kneaded with water, dried in the wild and then added with a dried potato, carrot, fragrant celery and, of course, onion. Cook it as a soup or add 2-3 tablespoons of roasted vegetables to a pie and enrich it with its unique aromas and flavors. / IMAGE 2- Whole wheat flour with vegetables All the precious vegetable fiber of the "hug" fine wheat with vegetable vitamins. Whole grain vegetables with vegetables, by Agrozyme. Whole wheat flour, kneaded with water, dried in natural conditions, then dried potato, carrot, celery and, of course, added. A dish of healthy, tasty and gourmet. / IMAGE 3- Trachanas citizen In the affluent urban houses of Istanbul, even the trana had to hide a variety of flavors and aromas. Agrozyme revives the recipe of civic trachana, where the durum wheat flour is kneaded with tomato paste, red pepper and onion, and then the mixture is dried in natural conditions to keep the flavors and aromas intact . Then add the dried spinach, leek, onion, basil, red pepper and boxwood. Smells and taste from the City, in a unique intensity and depth.