Golden Lotus

  • Country Origin: Denmark
IMAGE 1- Golden Louts Fish Sauce. Fish sauce is a basic ingredient in Southeast Asia and is used as a flavor enhancer instead of salt and gives an intense and full flavor. Use the fish sauce in all kinds of fish dishes, soups, marinades and wok. / IMAGE 2- Golden Louts Sriracha strong chili sauce. Sriracha strong chili sauce is made from sunflower chili, vinegar, garlic, sugar and salt after a traditional recipe. The sauce is strong and aromatic. / IMAGE 3-Golden Lotus Sambal Oelek. Sambal Oelek is made on fresh "Chi Thien" chili, which gives a strong and fruity chili flavour.Sambal Oelek is a rustic sauce with visible chili corn and can be used as an alternative tofresh chili in all kinds of dishes.Chilli sauce can be used directly in stews, fried rice dishes, wok, dressing, pizza,but also as dipping sauce.The sauce is named after the seaside town of Si Racha in eastern Thailand. Sriracha sauce is often used in Asian cuisine, like a dipping sauce with seafood, fried noodles and spring rolls, but can be used in all the dishes where you want an extra "flavour" of chilli. Offered in 3 sizes, 170 gr. - 320 gr. - 510 gr.