• Country Origin: Greece
IMAGE 1- NOODLES BIO Organic Noodles Agrozyme is one of the few noodles available on the market without eggs and milk. For all of you who love this traditional pasta, but follow an egg and milk diet, or want to enjoy pure protein-free carbohydrates at the same meal. Certified organic semolina is fermented with selected water only and after being shaped, it is slowly dried in natural conditions to preserve all the nutrients of the wheat and its fresh taste. / IMAGE 2- BRAN BIO Golden pieces of organic dough. Organic semolina is fermented only with selected water and after being shaped , the petals are slowly dried in natural conditions to preserve the whole nutrients of the wheat, its fresh taste and the yellowish hue of the wheat. / IMAGE 3- BIO BRAIDS Organic, healthy and playful. An archaic figure, a word derived from the verb crochet, a product that turns you into a chef. We make braids in our hair, knead braids , hang braids with garlic. Now and organic braids from certified organic semolina. / IMAGE 4- BIO BARLEY Classic and organic. Agrozyme's beloved barley is now made from fine organic semolina and invites you to taste the deep taste of the excellent raw material. Dare to cook it and serve it without a sauce, plain, with only a dash of salt, pepper, olive oil and a few drops of lemon. Make juvetsi with vegetables, chopped hot soups, modern barley. / IMAGE 5- BIO PENS You want to eat delicious and healthy. Organic, delicious pennies from Agrozyme. The history of gastronomy says that this popular, roller- shaped pasta took its name from the writing pens, which began to be made in the mid-19th century, and constituted a real rebirth in writing. Today, at Agrozyme we make a small tasting revolution and make pens of fine organic semolina. Agro-paste pens, ideal for dishes rich in vegetable or meat sauces,