• Country Origin: Turkey
IMAGE 1- Sugar Free Black Mulberry Juice Materials : -1 kg of fresh black mulberry -1.5 cups Sugar from fruit -Half of lemon juice Preparation of : Carefully wash the mulberries without crushing them into the pot. Add Sugar from Fruit. Add 1.5-2 liters of water and boil for 20 minutes. Add lemon juice close to the stove. After receiving from the stove, wait for it to cool and sieve. After waiting in the refrigerator can serve cold. Bon Appetit. / IMAGE 2- Red Fruit Smoothie Materials : 300 ml kefir 2 tablespoons Doal Fruit Sugar ½ tea cup raspberry ½ tea cup cherry ½ tea cup blackberry 2 leaves of fresh mint 3-4 cubes of ice Preparation of : Extract the seeds from the cherries. Place kefir, berries and sugar from fruit in a mixing bowl. Add ice too. Pull out the blender. Transfer to service glass. Serve with fresh mint leaves. Bon Appetit. / IMAGE 3- Ginger & Cinnamon Flavored Latte Materials : 1 teaspoon Doal Fruit Sugar 1 teaspoon granulated coffee 200 ml of milk ¼ teaspoon grater ginger ¼ teaspoon cinnamon powder Preparation of : Boil the milk. Foam the milk by stirring continuously until it boils. Throw ginger and sugar from fruit into the stove and mix for the last time. Put granulated coffee in the serving glass. Try not to spoil the milk, put the milk in the glass. Sprinkle with cinnamon and serve. Bon Appetit. / IMAGE 4- Sugar Free Lemonade Materials : 6 pieces of lemon 5-6 cups of water 1 cup glass of fruit candy Half of fresh mint Preparation of : Wash the lemons and grate the shells. Add the mint leaves that you chopped on the lemon peels you planed. Add 1 cup of Fruit Sugar and rub in a large bowl for 5 minutes. Squeeze the remaining lemons, add to this mixture. Add 5 cups of cold water and mix. After waiting for half an hour in the refrigerator lemonade filter and serve. Bon appetit😊 / IMAGE 5- İsmet Bey's Orange Lemonade Recipe Materials : 1 piece of frozen natural orange 1 piece of frozen natural lemon 8 cups of water 1 cup Doal Fruit Candy Preparation of : Pass the fruits through the grommet and add the liquid ingredients. Leave for 15 minutes for aroma. Filter the mixture and let cool. / IMAGE 6- Iced Tea with Cherry Materials : 1 liter of water 4 teapot tea bags 1 cup of tea 1 cup cherry nectar 1 cup Doal Cherry Ice Fresh mint Preparation of : Brew tea with boiling water. Wait for 15 minutes to infuse. Remove tea bags and add sugar from fruit to tea, mix. Then add the cherry nectar to the tea. Allow to cool before serving. Serve with ice, cherry grains and fresh mint. Bon Appetit. / IMAGE 7- Watermelon Lemonade Half a cup of tea Half a glass of freshly squeezed lemon juice 5 cups cube diced, beans extracted watermelon 2 cups of cold water 1 lemon peel Fresh mint Preparation of : Grate the lemon peel. Squeeze the remaining lemon juice and set aside. Chop the watermelons cube and take the blendera. Sugar on fruit, half a glass of lemon juice, lemon zest and add cold water and mix. When the mixture is ready, pass it through a fine strainer. Lift to the refrigerator. Cold mint and lemon slices can be served. Enjoy your meal 😊 / IMAGE 8- Matcha Lemonade Materials : 1 orange 1 piece of lemon 1 cup Sugar From Fruit 3 liters of water After preparing the lemonade: 3 teaspoons Sugar from fruit 1 teaspoon matcha Fresh mint Preparation of : Wash the orange and lemon and remove to the freezer. Leave in freezer for about 1 day. At the end of the day, wait for it to soften and cut the orange and lemon. Put 1 cup of Blendera with Fruit Sugar. Mix well. Then add this mixture into 3 liters of water and make it homogeneous. Let the mixture in a separate container with the help of cheesecloth. Our lemonade is ready. Now it's time to add the match. 1 teaspoon matcha, 3 tablespoons Fruit and sugar, add fresh mint and mix again. Our lemonade matcha is ready! Enjoy your meal already. / IMAGE 9- Sugar Free Pear Compote Materials : 1 kg Natural Pear 2 cups Sugar from fruit 6 cups of water 2-3 cloves teeth Preparation of : Wash the natural pears and peel them. Cut in half and clean the core and slice finely. Add sugar, cloves and water from the fruit to a large pot and boil until the natural pears soften. Then allow to cool. After cooling to room temperature, place in the refrigerator. You can share our unsweetened pear compote in bowls and serve cold. Bon Appetit. / IMAGE 10- Sugarless Salep Materials : 1 liter milk 1 wiping teaspoon pure powder salep 1 teaspoon Sugar from fruit 1 pack of vanilla and 1 cinnamon stick Cinnamon powder for over Preparation of : First, put the milk in a saucepan, boil over low heat. Then add salep and sugar from fruit to the boiling milk and mix continuously with a whisk. Continue to stir continuously while boiling salami so that it does not hold the bottom of the pot and is not rough. Continue cooking until the paste becomes thick. Thickening time may vary depending on the type of saleb. Continue to cook over low heat, stirring until you have the consistency of salep. When the foam begins to form, you can understand that saleb is consistent. When the salep reaches the required consistency, you can share it with cups and sprinkle with plenty of cinnamon. / IMAGE 11- Honey Pumpkin Latte Materials : 2.5 cups of milk 1 Turkish coffee cup espresso coffee or filter coffee 1 Turkish coffee cup pumpkin puree 1 tablespoon Sugar From Fruit Half teaspoon powder ginger 1 teaspoon cinnamon Half a teaspoon of clove powder Half a teaspoon of new spring 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract or vanillin Whipped cream Preparation of : Add pumpkin puree and sugar from fruit to a small pot and mix. Add the milk and spices and vanilla extract and stir until the milk warms. Add espresso and remove from the stove after 1 minute. Divide your lattice into glasses. Garnish with a mixture of whipped cream and spices. Bon Appetit. / IMAGE 12- Sugar Free Boza Materials : 3 cups of bulgur 2 coffee cups with rice 2 cups Candy From Fruit 1 cup old boza or 1 teaspoon boza yeast Preparation of : Wash the bulgur and rice thoroughly and leave in water for 2-3 hours. You can also go to the boiling phase immediately. Boil until the mixture is soft. When it becomes slurry, pass through a fine strainer, rub thoroughly to remove the extract and discard the remaining pulp. Put the mixture in a jar, open mouth and rest for 2 hours in a dark place. Dissolve the yeast in a small bowl and add to the distortion. Close the mouth of the jar by stirring for the last time. Leave to cool and dark place. The required time can be extended and shortened according to room temperature. If you prefer refrigerator, you should keep your boza at 4-5 degrees for 24 hours. It is important to mix the boza occasionally while relaxing. Finally, you should add the sugar from the fruit and mix thoroughly and check the taste. You can prepare your own home grape powder with cinnamon and chickpea and serve with a stylish presentation. Boza can be kept in the refrigerator for 4-5 days but it should be remembered that the taste will gradually change over time as fermentation will continue during this time. Use Sugar from Fruit in your Boza recipe and enjoy the natural flavor. Enjoy your meal already. / IMAGE 13- Cold coffee Materials : A recipe that you can make easily and quickly without the need for blender. 3 cups of milk 4 teaspoons instant coffee 1 teaspoon Sugar from fruit Preparation of : Place all ingredients in a small jar and shake for 5 minutes by closing the lid. Then put as much ice and milk in your glass as you want and pour the coffee mixture into the glass. You can adjust the ratio of sugar from fruit as you wish. Enjoy your meal already. / IMAGE 14- Cold Coffee with Cookies Materials : 1 teaspoon Sugar from fruit 1 teaspoon granulated coffee 200 ml of milk 1 tea cup of hot water 3-4 cubes of ice 1 teaspoon hazelnut flavor For the above: 2 plain cookies 50 ml cream 1 teaspoon Sugar from fruit Preparation of : Melt the granulated coffee by adding hot water. Put milk, hazelnut flavor and coffee in a mixing bowl. Put ice in the serving glass. Add the coffee. Whisk the sugar from cream and fruit and add to the coffee. Crumble one cookie over the cream. Put one on it and serve. Our cold coffee with cookies is ready. Bon appetit😊 / IMAGE 15- Winter tea Materials : 1 slice of apple 1 slice of quince 1 pinch of linden 1 stick cinnamon 2-3 cloves 1 teaspoon of ginger grated 1 teaspoon of turmeric Preparation of : Take all the ingredients to a pot and add to the boiled water and let it infuse. After brewing for 5-6 minutes, you can serve through a strainer. If you wish you can consume sweetened with fruit sugar. Enjoy your meal already. / IMAGE 16- Ayça Hanım's Almond Nectarine Compote Materials : 1 kg of Natural Nectarine Şeker cups Sugar from fruit 4 cups of water 1 stick cinnamon Peeled almonds Preparation of : Put the ingredients in the pan and cook until stirring. / IMAGE 17- Apricot Compote Materials : 1 kg Natural Apricot 6 glasses of water 1 cup of tea Cinnamon / clove on request Preparation of : Wash the natural apricots and divide them in half and remove the seeds. Add the apricots over 6 glasses of water. When the natural Apricot softens, you can add Sugar from Fruit. After boiling for about 10 minutes, you can add cinnamon and clove. Switch off the bottom of the hob and cool to room temperature. Then lift the compote to the refrigerator. Our apricot compote with sugar from fruit is ready. You can enjoy your meals alongside or alone.