• Country Origin: Greece
IMAGE 1- DINKEL NOODLES A round and thin dough of flour and water, which, after drying, crushed it with hands and made a pasta similar to today's noodles. A recipe that has traveled for centuries in the Mediterranean, today is more delicious and healthy than ever. / IMAGE 2- SPAGHETTI DINKEL We put all our experience into producing spaghetti, selected fine dinkel flour , kneaded without salt, shaped into bronze molds and dried slowly under natural conditions. Once boiling, enjoy the earthy aroma of fine grain dinkel that comes out of the pot. / IMAGE 3- DINKEL SNAKES The most airy pasta, digestible, delicious and subversive! Dinkel flour for the thinnest pasta in your kitchen. Make easy, light soups, cook it like spaghetti when dieting and want the least amount of pasta, / IMAGE 4- SPAGHETTI DINKEL A pasta from culinary tradition of Pontiacs, a shape ideal for enjoyable diets and gourmet creations. Macaroni is a pasta between spaghetti and vermicelli, where in its dinkel version it becomes a light , easy- to-eat dish, allied to a low-carbohydrate diet. / IMAGE 5- spaghetti sharp dinkel The classic cooked spaghetti, now with fine dinkel flour, for those who enjoy both light and light stomach. Delectable and delicious, Agrozyme's crunchy dinkel pasta becomes an ally for a light diet / IMAGE 6- COUSCOUS DINKEL It has its roots in the courtyards of the Mediterranean, where women, with endless patience, made small dough pellets by hand and boiled them in some water. This tradition is still alive in Sardinia, where a pasta called fregola (strawberry) is made. At Agrozyme we make these delicious delectable "strawberries" made of fine dinkel flour, / IMAGE 7- DINKEL BARLEY Classic in shape but with dinkel flour. Agrozyme 's beloved barley is now made of fine dinkel flour. Easy-to-cook, tasty, the base for dozens of glazed dishes, takes off your kitchen and takes care of your body. Agrozyme's dinkel barley bursts into dozens of recipes, both traditional and original. Dare to cook it and serve it with salad ,