• Country Origin: Greece
IMAGE 1- ZEABRA SPAGHETTI Classic in shape but with dinkel flour. Agrozyme 's beloved barley is now made of fine dinkel flour. Easy-to-cook, tasty, the base for dozens of glazed dishes, takes off your kitchen and takes care of your body. Agrozyme's dinkel barley bursts into dozens of recipes, both traditional and original. Dare to cook it and serve it with salad , / IMAGE 2- JELLY ROLLES Wholemeal flour and shape that has continued for centuries throughout the Mediterranean. The strips were handmade pasta, each region giving them a different name in Crete they say "comfortably" in Chios "cherisia", in Cyprus "smiley" and in Italy "casarecci". Thin dough sheets were "twisted", hence the name "twists", by hand or with the help of a thin, elongated wood. / IMAGE 3- HOT SCREWS The history of gastronomy claims that the screws were born in Italy and their shape was inspired by the movement of wool around the shaft. For jelly friends, we made screws of jelly flour that were shaped to hold the pasta perfectly in any sauce. The screws are ideal for salads and buffet meals because of their shape they remain unchanged in texture and taste even if left over and consumed after hours. / IMAGE 4- SPICY JELLY PASTA The classic spaghetti cookie and for jelly friends. E klekto flour wholemeal Zea, without added salt for creative cooking. Make hot soups with tomato sauce, prepare lazy paste in a short time or add it to a salad with raw or roasted vegetables.