• Country Origin: Greece
IMAGE 1- VEGETABLES NOODLES we know that the housewives made the "lagoons", a round and thin dough made of flour and water, which, after drying, crushed it with their hands and made a pasta similar to today's noodles. Agrozyme vegetable noodles steal flavor and colors from spinach, beetroot, red pepper and cuttlefish ink. They make easy, striking dishes and are delicious and even delicious / IMAGE 2- Noodles with cuttlefish ink . We do not add salt and dry slowly under natural conditions. The result makes us proud. Black and delicious, they create impressive dishes, pair great fish and seafood, and create a formal atmosphere at the simplest table. / IMAGE 3- VEGETABLE BRAN Agrozyme vegetable bran, made from excellent durum wheat semolina , kneaded with spinach, beetroot, red pepper and cuttlefish ink . Colored, cheerful and delicious. Boil them in a little water, as soon as they are covered, and we find the heads along with some of their crunchy soup. / IMAGE 4- Vegetable tagliatelle Greek semolina from the heart of the wheat, kneaded with spinach, beetroot, red pepper and cuttlefish ink. They take shape in authentic brass molds and are slowly dried in natural conditions to retain all of their nutrients, unique flavor and intense color of the selected vegetables. / IMAGE 5- Squid ink linguine The best semolina from the heart of the wheat, kneaded with pasteurized cuttlefish, shaped into authentic brass molds, and dried under slow-drying natural conditions. Slowly and carefully, as in any valuable foodstuff / IMAGE 6- Linguini with hot pepper For the angels ! A luxurious hot pasta for intense delights. The best semolina from the heart of the wheat, kneaded with red and hot pepper, takes shape in authentic brass molds, and is slowly dried in natural drying conditions. / IMAGE 7- Rollers with cuttlefish ink Taste of land and sea. Specialized wheat semolina from the heart of the wheat and a shape that has continued for centuries throughout the Mediterranean. pasta that we meet many days and each region gave them a different name. On the island of Crete , they call it "cheap" in Chios "cherisia", in Cyprus "smiley" and in Italy "casarecci". / IMAGE 8- Vegetable screws The playful pasta. The history of gastronomy claims that the screws were born in Italy, and their shape was inspired by the movement of wool around the soil. In this playful pasta we decided to add flavors and colors of favorite vegetables. / IMAGE 9- Pen with hot pepper Hot, delicious revolution. The history of gastronomy says that this popular, cylindrical-shaped pasta took its name from the writing pens, which began to be made in the mid-19th century, and were a real breakthrough in writing. / IMAGE 10- Couscous handmade with cuttlefish ink Charming and delicious black pearls. It belongs to the large category of oriental pasta, which boil in a little, measured water, are not drained and served with their juice. It has its roots in Mediterranean courtyards, where women, with infinite patience, manually made small dough pellets and boiled them in some water. In this millennial pasta we kept the handmade way of making it and added exquisite pasteurized cuttlefish ink and created delicious black pearls, turning the simplest meal into a celebration of beauty and taste. The handmade Cucumber Ink Cucumber Ink is ideal for accompanying fish and seafood, creating intense color contrasts if married with delicious strained yogurt or giving a "body" and tasty intensity to a salad.