Australian Dried Fruit Raisin

  • Country Origin: Australia
IMAGE 1- Australian Sultanas With a reputation as the world’s premium sultana, the Australian sultana has a natural light base colour that is not found from any other origin. Sultanas are produced with the Thompson Seedless variety, which is the most common grape used for sultanas and raisin products globally. Sultanas are dried on the vine, which are sprayed with a natural drying oil to at time of harvest to fast track the drying process. The drying technique creates the light base colour that defines the sultana product. / IMAGE 2- Australian Sunmuscats Unique to Australia, the Sunmuscat has an amazing muscat flavour that offers an exciting new product that can be used for snacking or as an ingredient. The large berry size and delicious flavour of the Sunmuscat is generating huge interest in the global market. The fruit is produced by drying on the vine in the same process as the traditional sultana, which creates a distinct light base colour. / IMAGE 3- Australian Currants Australia has its own unique currant variety “Carina”, which has been developed to produce consistent high yields that guarantee supply to the market every year. The traditional Greek currant varieties of Corinth and Provincial are more susceptible to poor weather conditions and have a long history of inconsistent supply. Australian currants are a deliciously sweet beery with even colour and a perfect product for snacking, and cooking. / IMAGE 4- Australian Vine Fruit Clusters Full bunches of plump dried berries still on the stem An amazing product to use as a garnish on cheese and nibble platters Dried naturally on the vine by the Australian sun Carefully hand picked directly from vine to carton / IMAGE 5- Retail Products APDF is Australia’s largest fully integrated dried fruit company, as we have BRC accredited retail packing facilities that can offer the full range of dried fruits and nut products. / IMAGE 6- Mixed Fruit Blends Pre mixed blends of out fantastic vine fruit products are available to be used in baking or cereal products.