• Country Origin: Serbia
IMAGE 1- PARSLEY is used in making various vegetable and meat dishes and also for food decoration. / IMAGE 2- CUMIN is used for seasoning of cabbage rolls, pickles and bread rolls. / IMAGE 3- GARLIC is used in the preparation of vegetable dishes, sauces and fillings. / IMAGE 4- DILL is used in the preparation of vegetable dishes, sauces and soups / IMAGE 5- BASIL is used to season lamb and beef, soups, stuffing and salads. / IMAGE 6- BLACK PEPPER is obtained when harvested green beans are dried in the sun, without any prior processing. / IMAGE 7- WHITE PEPPER, ripe pepper seeds are peeled. Pepper stimulates digestion, eliminates bacteria in the stomach, and it’s antimicrobial property is preventing the decay of the food containing this spice / IMAGE 8- CURRY is a mixture of various spices. It is used for meat and rice dishes as well as for sauces and marinades. It improves the taste and the smell of the prepared meals. / IMAGE 9- CRNI BIBER U ZRNU / IMAGE 10- ROSEMARY is used for seasoning of all kinds of meats, vegetables, soups and for marinades / IMAGE 11- OREGANO is used as a seasoning for pizzas, grilled tomatoes and sauces / IMAGE 12- CHILI is, especially due to it’s sharp taste and spiciness, used for seasoning of the soups, stews, spaghetti and steak Tartar. / IMAGE 13- CINNAMON is used in the preparation of sweet treats, pies, cakes and compotes.