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  • Country Origin: Germany
IMAGE 1- Almonds As one of the leading European importers of almonds, over the decades we have been able to build up relations based on trust with selected producers, mainly in California (USA). These contacts and our sources of supply in Europe offer us the possibility to guarantee reliable merchandise supplies at all times and to react flexibly to customer wishes. With about 80% of the world harvest, the USA is the main almond producer. Spain also offers a smaller but high quality harvest. In comparison to Californian varieties, Spanish almonds are distinguished by their intensive taste. Due to the time difference in the harvest in the Southern Hemisphere, our business relationships with producers in Chile and Australia also offer us the possibility to supply fresh merchandise all year round. Countries of origin: USA, Spain, Italy, Chile und Australia / IMAGE 2- Hazelnuts With 65 – 70% of the harvest, Turkey is the largest producer of hazelnuts in the world. Turkey is followed by Italy with 23% and Spain, Georgia, Azerbaijan and the USA. The harvest in Turkey begins at around the end of August. Our relations with selected suppliers in Turkey und Italy going back many years enable us to supply these products reliably and in perfect quality. Hazelnuts are differentiated according to size into Standard Extra (larger than 15 mm), Standard 1 (13 – 15 mm), Standard 2 (11 – 13 mm) and Standard 3 (8 – 11 mm). The variety of our range also includes ground, chopped, grated and roasted merchandise alongside whole hazelnuts. Countries of origin: Turkey, Spain, Italy, Georgia, Azerbaijan / IMAGE 3- Walnuts Walnuts are seen as a real energy bundle. Their positive effect on health has been confirmed in many studies. Our relationships built on trust with producers over many years enable us to supply good quality at a fair price. Our main source of supply is the USA, which is known as the most important exporter of premium quality walnuts. We are also increasingly dealing with Chilean walnuts. Countries of origin: USA, France, India, Chile / IMAGE 4- Desiccated Coconut Desiccated coconut is one of the best-selling products at August Töpfer. The coconut is a drupe (stone fruit), even if its name suggests something else. Years of know-how and good cooperation over many years with certified business partners in Indonesia, the Philippines and Sri Lanka are the key to success. One of the most decisive quality characteristics is the fat content. This is differentiated into “low” and “full fat” according to the processing. Furthermore, the grading into extra fine, fine or medium plays an important role. Coconuts are harvested all year round, allowing us to access fresh quality at all times. Coconut flakes are largely used in the confectionary and baking industries. Countries of origin: Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Vietnam / IMAGE 5- Banana chips Banana chips are produced in tropical regions of South East Asia. Our main suppliers produce these in the Philippines and, thanks to the year-round banana harvest, can supply us all times. Bananas are cut into slices and then fried in coconut oil and refined with honey or sugar to make them sweet. Due to their crunchy consistency they are wonderful as a snack or as an ingredient in muesli. Country of origin: Philippines / IMAGE 6- Cashews One of the largest countries for growing and producing cashews is India, which became the centre for mostly manual processing at the beginning of the 20th century. August Töpfer also largely draws its cashews from India. Production has also extended to Indonesia and Vietnam since the 1990s. The main harvest period runs from February to the end of April. Cashews are available in many different varieties and qualities. They are distinguished in particular by their low fat and calorie levels in comparison with other nuts. Cashews are also popular as snacks, including roasted or roasted and salted varieties. We are also pleased to be able to offer these to you in various flavours. Countries of origin: India, Vietnam, Brazil, Tanzania, Indonesia, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Mozambique / IMAGE 7- Brazil nuts Brazil nuts are imported exclusively from South America. The trees grow in the wild there in the rain forests of Brazil, Bolivia and Peru. The fruits of the tress are harvested laboriously by hand from November to May. It is very difficult to bring the unprocessed raw products from the jungle to production locations. The nuts are processed in their shells mainly in Bolivia, which has about 75% of world production. However, exporting from Bolivia via Chilean sea ports is not any less laborious due to geographic barriers and weather-related problems (lots of rain and flooding). Although there are also exporters from Brazil and Peru, they play a minor role for Europe. In contrast to, for example, peanuts and cashews, Brazil nuts are not roasted or salted. Brazil nuts are frequently coated or packed as natural merchandise for food retail. This product is also very popular as part of (upmarket) nut mixes. Countries of origin: Brazil, Bolivia, Peru / IMAGE 8- Manufactured Almonds The European center of the production of processed almonds is Spain. and Traditionally mainly Spanish almonds were processed there, however nowadays the majority of almonds processed are of USA origin. August Töpfer & Co. has a long business ties with Spanish almonds producers and manufactures in Spain. Our co¬opera¬tion with the Spanish company Colefruse Internacional S.A. (Xixona, Spanien) means that August Töpfer & Co. has de¬veloped from a trader of almonds to a producer of processed almonds serving customers all over Europe. The Colefruse facility is one of the most modern almond manufacturing plants in Europe. Due to this cooperation we control the whole value chain and can guarantee high quality and reliability. Our product range includes blanched whole almond kernels as well as blanched sliced, slivered, diced and ground almonds and almond paste. Additionally we can offer all products roasted and also repacked in retail packages. Countries of origin: USA, Australia / IMAGE 9- Manufactured Hazelnut kernels We have successfully expanded our existing assortment of natural Hazelnuts in all of Germany 2016 due to the cooperation with the RONLY GIDA factory. The factory was established in 2016 with the vision of creating a modern Hazelnut processing plant, which would sell directly from origin to domestic and international customers. Everything revolves around the roasted nut – whether it is whole nuts, diced, meal, croquant or paste, everything is adjustable to the individual requirements of the customer due to the selective roasting degree and size of the hazelnut. Our systems have been designed around modern production concepts, using the latest relevant technology, including the TOMRA Helius laser sorter, to both maximize efficiency and provide the highest levels of quality control. Our highly skilled Project and Processing team boasts individuals with more than twenty five years of technical and system management experience in this field, as well as extensive expertise in global hazelnut markets. RONLY GIDA is a BRC accredited producer and complies with the latest Food Defence principles. We are also committed to adhering to ethical and responsible business practices in the global supply chain (SEDEX). The RONLY GIDA factory is located on the European side of Turkey in Çerkezkoy Tekirdag, giving direct access to the major transit routes into Europe enabling us to deliver our material faster and more efficiently. Origin: Turkey / IMAGE 10- Sultanas/Raisins/Currents August Töpfer is your reliable partner for sultanas / raisins / currents. The basis for this is numerous reliable contacts worldwide. We obtain sultanas in spring and autumn from many different countries. Our main suppliers are from Turkey, the USA, South Africa and China. With annual production of nearly 350,000 tonnes of sultanas and currents the USA is the largest producer, but consumes most of its harvest itself. It is followed by Turkey with 200,000 tonnes, which exports 90% of its harvest, thus playing a greater role on the world market. Countries of origin: USA, Turkey, Iran, China, South Africa, Australia, Greece / IMAGE 11- Coconut products (chips, cream, etc.) Not just rasp, but also coconut chips are made from coconut pulp. Coconut chips are used in sweetened and/or roasted forms as well as raw, largely in producing cereals, in fruit mixes and also as a snack product. Both the degree of roasting and the size can be adjusted individually to customer wishes. Coconut cream and coconut milk are also produced from the meat. This is squeezed out and mixed with water, creating a milky liquid with a fat content of approximately 17-24%. Cream can be differentiated from milk on the basis of the water content. Both the drinks industry and the ice cream industry profit from the variety of our products. The liquid inside the coconut is called coconut water. This is wonderful as a refreshing drink and is very low fat in comparison with other coconut products. Countries of origin: Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia / IMAGE 12- Seeds Sunflower seeds: Sunflower seeds have been grown for more than 2,000 years. The plant originally comes from Central America, but is primarily grown in the USA, China, Argentina, Ukraine and Russia today. There are different varieties and these are largely differentiated into “bakery”, which are smaller seeds mainly used in the baking industry and “confection”. These are larger seeds that can be used very well for salads and as snacks. Sunflower seeds are harvested in September/October. Countries of origin: USA, China, Argentina and Ukraine Pumpkin seeds, grown hulless: Pumpkins have been cultivated for about 8,000 years and originally come from America. There are different varieties and cultivars of pumpkin seeds and our seeds originate from pumpkins grown without hulls. These seeds are relatively large and are dark green in colour. Pumpkin seeds are sown in April/May and the harvest period is then in September/October. Countries of origin: Austria, China Pine nuts: Pine nuts mainly originate from the Mediterranean region, the Indian sub-continent, China and Siberia. The shape of the nut is very different. Pine nuts from the Mediterranean region and the Indian sub-continent (Pakistan) have an oblong shape and those from the Far East (China, Siberia) are more rounded. It is not possible to cultivate them so pine cones are collected from pine forests. Depending on the region the harvest period is from October to December. Countries of origin: Mediterranean region, China, Pakistan and Russia / IMAGE 13- Pecans The pecan is one of the most important types of nut native to North America. The roots of their use stretch back to the 16th century. They are said to be the nut with the highest content of antioxidants, which according to studies lower the risk of cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s. With 80% of world production, the USA is the largest producer of pecans and thus our main supplier. The harvest takes place in the second half of the year from the West to the East Coast in the southern part of the USA. Country of origin: USA