• Country Origin: Turkey
IMAGE 1- Mardin Dibek Coffee Mardin Dibek Coffee has a very exclusive and unique taste. There are six different ingredients in the mixture of Mardin Dibek Coffee. This is why it has a surprising taste for every consumer. It can even be consumed by people who do not prefer to drink coffee because the mixture does not only contain coffee inside. There are herbal ingredients as well Ingredients: Natural salep, terebinth, cardamom, Turkish coffee ground in dibek stone, mahaleb, and cream. / IMAGE 2- Turkish Coffee Turkish coffee is coffee ground from first-class coffee beans. Suitable for Turkish coffee machines. Origin of coffee bean: Brazil Roasting degree: Medium / IMAGE 3- Mardin Terebinth (Menengic) Coffee Terebinth is wild pistachios used to make a caffeine-free coffee. It is mostly grown in the Southeastern Anatolia, and this is why Mardin is famous for it. For more flavor, it is generally recommended to consume it with milk. It is ideal for people who cannot consume caffeine. Ingredients: 100% Terebinth