Ready Meals / cheese

  • Country Origin: Romania
IMAGE 1- Grilled cheese Generous triangular grilledcheese pieces, manually trimmed, rolled in golden breadcrumbs, with a quick deep-fried crispy coating. Refrigerated or quick-frozen, the breaded hard cheese portions are easy to heat in a conventional oven or in the frying pan, and can be used in sandwichesor, or as main courses at lunch or at a romantic dinner. Packaging: fixed weight frozen product boxes (200 g) or refrigerated product ATM tray (200 g), just enough for quick snack. / IMAGE 2- Mozzarella sticks Generous mozzarella sticks, covered in golden breadcrumbs, softly on the inside and crunchy on the outside. / IMAGE 3- Grilled cheese Generous triangular slices of Gouda-type hard cheese, with crispy breading. Mandatory for use in small and big restaurants and catering kitchens. Fixed weight of 60 g. Food service-grade packages: 2.5 kg bags and a 12-months shelf life.