Limmi lemon and lime juice

  • Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- Lemon Juice Limmi is THE lemon juice, without the seeds that is. Created from the best Sicilian lemons, carefully selected and harvested only when perfectly ripened to ensure the best quality, Limmi is the best way to keep all the taste of fresh lemons on hand. Excellent on grilled foods, fried fish or meat, salads, fruit salads, strawberries and for adding a splash of lemon to teas, beverages and drinks. / IMAGE 2- IGP Lemon Juice Lemon juice achieves excellence. It is made solely with IGP “origin certified” lemons from Syracuse, the most prestigious citrus growing region in the world. Elegant glass encloses the bright flavour of the lemons and heat of the Sicilian sun. Juicy, fragrant and aromatic it will dress your entrees with style, the style – and taste – of 100% made in Italy. / IMAGE 3- Sweet & Sour Lemon Juice A sweet and sour new product joins the Limmi family: Limmi Sweet & Sour lemon has arrived. A perfect mix of fresh squeezed juicy Sicilian lemons and fructose, in a convenient 200 ml PET bottle. Ideal for cocktails, smoothies, fruit, drinks, sorbet and ice creams. / IMAGE 4- Organic Lemon Juice LIMMI BIO is a product made with produce from controlled organic farmers, operating by the method defined by regulation EU 834/07. This Organic lemon juice solely relies on natural substances and excludes all synthetic chemicals (fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides). / IMAGE 5- Lime Juice From South-America comes a green, pulpy, slightly acidic and strongly scented citrus fruit. Liven up cocktails, long drinks, beverages and give an exotic touch to white meats, shell fish and salads with a squeeze of genuine lime juice from the Limmi family.