• Country Origin: Peru
IMAGE 1- Grain de White Quinoa It has a subtle flavor, contains fewer calories, has a good amount of fiber, so it promotes the health of the digestive system, controls blood sugar levels and provides a feeling of satiety. Rich in protein, which makes it an excellent natural fat burning and strengthens muscles and tissues. It also has fewer carbohydrates and contains large amounts of vitamins and minerals. Thanks to its delicate flavor and light and fluffy texture, it is the most versatile variety, perfect as a salad base or as a substitute for rice in our dishes / IMAGE 2- Grain de Red Quinoa Low in calories, rich in protein and highly nutritious, which makes it an excellent food for athletes as it provides energy, strength, and endurance. It combines very well in salads with fruits or nuts. / IMAGE 3- Grain de Black Quinoa This grain belongs to the Andes, its texture is darker and this is due to the anthocyanin that is inside them, it is crunchier than the other quinoa. Its flavor according to experts in culinary cuisine is incomparable and irreplaceable. High in protein, it has lysine that stimulates brain cells; However, the presence of lithium, which helps regulate stress and reduce depression, stands out. Besides, it has anti-inflammatory and healing properties. For all this, this variety is highly prized in natural medicine as a natural tranquilizer and is usually added to soft drinks, soups, and bread. / IMAGE 4- Grain de Mixed Quinoa It’s the perfect blend that brings together the properties and flavor of white, red and black quinoa. The three types of quinoa have omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, have a low glycemic index, ideal for people with diabetes or who want to lose weight. They control blood cholesterol levels and being high fiber foods, they are very good for digestion. / IMAGE 5- Pre-cooked de Quinoa This product is obtained from quinoa, which is subjected to a pre-cooked process, maintaining the nutritional values ​​of real quinoa, resulting in an instant highly nutritious and fast-cooking food. / IMAGE 6- Flakes de Quinoa Quinoa flakes are made from steamed quinoa and retain all the vitamins and minerals found in grains. The flakes and cooked quinoa, both are very nutritious, it is important to know in what food or preparation to include them either as an appetizer, main dish, breakfast or dessert, and in this way obtain a greater advantage of their properties / IMAGE 7- Crispy de Quinoa Delicious quinoa cereal that retains its natural flavor for being sugar-free, but adds that crunchy touch that we all like. This cereal is obtained by exposing grains at a very high temperature in a pressure oven, causing them to explode to obtain crispy quinoa, thus being a healthy option to conventional cereals. / IMAGE 8- Flour de Quinoa It’s obtained by grinding quinoa grains until a very fine powder is obtained that we can use like any other flour. It has the same properties as quinoa, its main virtue is its high content of high-quality vegetable proteins, so it is an indispensable food in a vegan or vegetarian diet. It is rich in vitamins of group B and E, in folates, fiber, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, iron, and silica. It has a toning and anti-inflammatory action and also helps to purify the liver. And something very important is that it has no gluten, so it is the ideal substitute for wheat flour and other cereals with gluten, for people intolerant to gluten or celiac.