• Country Origin: Sweden
IMAGE 1- MELLAN MEDIUM ROAST — FRESH & FRUITY Scent with notes of nougat. Elegant palate with lively acidity. Generous long, balanced finish. / IMAGE 2- ECO MEDIUM-DARK ROAST — FRUITY & NUTTY Generous aromas of hazelnut. Round taste with a touch of pepper. A balanced and fruity aftertaste. / IMAGE 3- SVEA MEDIUM-DARK ROAST — SMOOTH & ROUNDED Scent with notes of cocoa. Round berry flavor with hints of black currant and ginger. A balanced aftertaste. / IMAGE 4- REKO DARK ROAST — POWERFUL & SPICY Clean scent of nuts. The taste is full-bodied with lively acidity. Spicy aftertaste with a hint of licorice. / IMAGE 5- PRESSIADO DARK ROAST — DELICIOUS & NUTTY Sweet aromas of dark berries. Full-bodied flavor with some hints of caramel and almonds. Pleasant aftertaste.