• Country Origin: Sweden
IMAGE 1- MELLAN MEDIUM ROAST — FRESH & FRUITY Scent with notes of nougat. Elegant palate with lively acidity. Generous long, balanced finish. / IMAGE 2- SOLID WHOLE BEANS MEDIUM ROAST - BALANCED & FRUITY / IMAGE 3- GRAN DIA MEDIUM-DARK ROAST — GENEROUS & FRUITY Clean aroma with hints of toffee. A full-bodied coffee with nutty notes and pleasant bitterness. Generous and round taste. / IMAGE 4- ECO MEDIUM-DARK ROAST — FRUITY & NUTTY Generous aromas of hazelnut. Round taste with a touch of pepper. A balanced and fruity aftertaste. / IMAGE 5- REKO DARK ROAST — POWERFUL & SPICY Clean scent of nuts. The taste is full-bodied with lively acidity. Spicy aftertaste with a hint of licorice. / IMAGE 6- AMIGAS EXTRA DARK ROAST — KRAFTFULL & BALANSERAD Coffee grown by women - In countries where coffee is grown, women are often left in the rural areas with limited possibilities. The coffee in AMIGAS comes from farms run by women. / IMAGE 7- FESTIVITA EXTRA DARK ROAST — INTENSIVE & POWERFUL Intense aromas. Powerful and full-bodied flavor with hints of dark chocolate. Long and generous aftertaste. / IMAGE 8- FRANSKROST EXTRA DARK ROAST — NUANCE & FULL BODIED Aromas of dark chocolate. Powerful and nuanced flavor with a hint of vanilla. A long finish with balanced acidity. / IMAGE 9- ESPRESSO NERO ESPRESSO — INTENSIVE & SPICY Intense espresso with notes of dark chocolate and with a distinct nutty flavor. A long, balanced aftertaste. Espresso Nero is the perfect base for lattes and cappuccinos. / IMAGE 10- ESPRESSO GIUSTO ESPRESSO — FRUITY & NUTTY Soft spicy espresso with a nutty character. Hints of caramel and a subtle fruitiness. Espresso Giusto consists to 100 % of the finest organic Arabica beans which are also Fairtrade certified. / IMAGE 11- MOLTO ESPRESSO