• Country Origin: Latvia
IMAGE 1- Portion bread We respect the tradition of home-made bread making, but also appreciate and learn from the experience of other nations, enriching the bread range with European bakery masterpieces.Probably one of the most versatile breads. For those in a hurry, it will be a delicious and quick snack, but for the discerning gourmet or experiment lover, it will be the real bread to whet your imagination. Put cheese or vegetable slices, salad leaves or ham, smoked fish or olive slices in a delicious bread pocket. Enjoy your perfect combination! / IMAGE 2- Sour bread This sweet and sweet bread is baked from high quality ingredients.The modern equipment and technologies used in the cooking process ensure that the aroma and taste of the bread are fully enjoyed. The added cumin adds a special touch. Sweet and sour bread is healthy, nutritious and boasts a high nutritional value, so it will complement every me / IMAGE 3- White breadSoft white bread with a brown, aromatic and crunchy crust, as well as a mild taste, is a great source of carbohydrates and a snack for the gourmets. It is baked from wheat flour, added sugar, fat and milk powder to enhance its flavor, which increases the value of bread and extends its shelf life.White bread is well suited for making sandwiches, but covered with jam or some paste, it will be a real treat. White bread croutons will be a nice addition to salads or cream soups.But wheat bread with bran is especially made for people who choose the healthiest products possible. Valuable wheat bran absorbs toxins and allergens, helps boost immunity, and provides the body with fiber, which promotes gastrointestinal function. / IMAGE 4- Rye bread Rye bread is baked while preserving the best traditions of Latvian bakers.It consists of a high-quality rye flour scald, a mixture of different kinds of rye and wheat flour, and a special technological process, which gives the bread its distinctive bouquet of taste and aroma, which is enhanced by the added caraway. In turn, dark bread color is attributed to rye red malt and barley malt extract. / IMAGE 5- Shaped bread Bread with a special shape and taste.Baking recipes that have been tested for years are baked. Its delicious, light and delicate taste is made possible by the special flour mixture and the small amount of yeast. / IMAGE 6- Seed breadLatvijas Maiznieks Seed Bread, which at the moment of opening fills the whole house with its smell, is made from high quality and natural ingredients. Sunflower seeds, linseeds, bran, sesame seeds, linseeds and caraway are added to the seed breads, which makes it particularly valuable. These three seed breads are not only delicious but also healthy. Latvian seed breads are inspired by long traditions and generations of experience. / IMAGE 7- Toast bread Bread that is especially suited for toasting, becoming a warm, golden brown and crunchy delicacy.It is a good choice for breakfast when you want to feel at home and get a boost of energy. Wrapped with jam or honey, the toast will turn into a great snack.Toasters with seeds are a good choice for those who are particularly concerned about the healthiness of their diet.