• Country Origin: Singapore
IMAGE 1- MANGO Rich, vibrant golden yellow in colour, complex, silky smooth texture and an appealing sweet and floral. / IMAGE 2- BLUEBERRY All the goodness of fresh, tart, juicy blueberries, bursting into flavour, with intense sweet tangy taste. / IMAGE 3- RASPBERRY Sweet but has a subtly sharp tinge, this has a smooth, melts in your mouth taste that will remind you of summer. / IMAGE 4- PASSIONFRUIT A distinct combination of flavours from fruits such as pineapple, papaya, mango, and guava. Highly aromatic, tropical jelly like pulp and has a fragrantly sweet taste. / IMAGE 5- STRAWBERRY Your taste buds will fall in love with strong sweetness coming from rich, plump strawberries, with a slight tartness, faint sour flavour, and strong distinct smell and coating mouthfeel. / IMAGE 6- APPLE Explosive juiciness coming from naturally sweet apples, rich, sharp, overtones like sinking your teeth to the real fruit. / IMAGE 7- BANANA The most popular fruit consumed all over the world, brimming with unique quality of sweetness and creaminess. / IMAGE 8- KIWI The flavours of the humble kiwi will surprise you. We have retained the fruit’s appealing colour, the soft, plush, emerald flesh creamy consistency and light lemony flavour. / IMAGE 9- PINK GUAVA Reminiscent smell of the tropics and an absolutely unique fruit, it wows with its mild, slightly tart yet sweet and appealing grainy texture from pink – fleshed guavas. / IMAGE 10- PINEAPPLE This creamy yellow almost liquid gold, bursting into fibrous amplified sweetness, vibrant flavour is undoubtedly one of the most popular tropical fruits. / IMAGE 11- PEACH The aroma alone, can get you captivated by it. Buttery flesh, sweet nectar taste, Nature’s ultimate pleasure. / IMAGE 12- SOURSOP There’s nothing like the delectable taste of silky and custard like texture with a unique sweet tart taste. Delicious and nutritious.