• Country Origin: Singapore
IMAGE 1- APPLE Perfect maceration and pressing of the freshest apples providing that clean, juicy taste with the right amount of sweetness. 1L & 250 ML. / IMAGE 2- CALAMANSI A tropical lime native to Southeast Asia, rich in antioxidants and electrolytes and packs an aromatic, citrusy, sharp punch which makes it a refreshing an delicious juice. 1L. / IMAGE 3- LIME Crafted from the freshest limes picked at their optimum freshness, expect nothing but crisp, refreshing, tart flavour. 1L & 250 ML . / IMAGE 4- NUTRI PUNCH The tastiest fruit punch you’ll find, infused with different luscious fruit juices and extracts that everyone will love. 1L & 250 ML. / IMAGE 5- MANGO Sweet, fibrous, Alphonso mangoes, known for its rich taste and flavour, are juiced, delivering that fresh taste experience in smaller size. 1L& 250 ML. / IMAGE 6- SOURSOP There’s nothing like the delectable taste of silky and custard like texture with a unique sweet tart taste. Delicious and nutritious. 1L. / IMAGE 7- DAILY FRESH ORANGE Peak-harvest oranges are carefully selected to produce top quality orange juice in smaller size. 250 ML. / IMAGE 8- PINEAPPLE Savour the satisfying sweetness of refreshing, tangy pineapple juice that is also perfect for shakes, smoothies and is loaded with vitamins and minerals in smaller size. 250 ML. / IMAGE 9- PINK GUAVA Reminiscent smell of the tropics and an absolutely unique fruit, it wows with its mild, slightly tart yet sweet from pink – fleshed guavas in smaller size. 250 ML.