• Country Origin: Peru
IMAGE 1- Grain de Canihua Canihua is a seed with a high nutritional value. It has twice the protein of common foods such as wheat, rice or oats. Its origin is in the areas of the Peruvian highlands and produces mainly in the Puno region north of Lake Titicaca. / IMAGE 2- Flakes de Canihua To obtain the flaked Canihua these grains are steamed, pressed, steamed again and then roasted. Highly energetic, suitable for athletes, growing children, and teenagers, excellent intestinal regulator. Regulates blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels, have a satiating power, important for those who want to lose weight, in turn, fights anemia. / IMAGE 3- Flour de Canihua It's considered a superfood because it provides many types of nutrients and in higher quantity than other foods. To obtain the flour, their grains are ground and their flour is added to pastries, bakeries, juices, milkshakes, etc. It doesn't contain gluten which makes it a very good food for celiac and gluten intolerant / IMAGE 4- Gelatinized Powder de Canihua Canihua goes through a gelatinization process that refers to the breaking of the starch chain through a high temperature and pressure process to obtain smaller molecules, considerably improving digestion and solubility. This product has a high content of high-quality amino acids that will benefit your body. Besides, it is a 100% natural energizer that will give you the motivation for your studies, jobs or daily routine.