Dairy Product / yogurt

  • Country Origin: Romania
IMAGE 1- Kefir Our kefir is a real probiotic elixir! We take care of your immunity, but also your good mood: it’s easy and pleasant, refreshing and sober at the same time. / IMAGE 2- Natural yogurt Yogurt AGRICOLA just means that you really enjoy the wonderful transformation of fresh milk into a sweet-sour delicacy! / IMAGE 3- Creamy yogurt And if you know how to selected natural cultures from the fresh milk and put them to work, yogurt is not only delicious but also creamy like a springtime mood! / IMAGE 4- Light yogurt It’s good to look at the silhouette, so we give in the natural fat to those who need it most, and we reserve the easy, delicious and refreshing yogurt. / IMAGE 5- Sana yogurt Clean health, dedicated with attention from the freshest milk and craftsmanship.