• Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- Tradition and fruit THE GARGANO CITRUS FRUITS The citrus groves of the Gargano represent a real cultural identity. Citrus fruits here ripen all year round thanks to the particularly mild climate and the system of gentle hills “degrading at sea / IMAGE 2- 20 flavors to try HERE THERE IS ONLY FRUIT “Creating a jam means transforming the fruit into a spreadable product that maintains its taste and nutritional characteristics. That’s why they are made with 75% fruit, are without preservatives, without dyes and gluten-free” / IMAGE 3- THAT EXTRA TOUCH LIMITED EDITION The “Limited Edition” jams combine the taste of traditional fruit with that of spices and dried fruit such as ginger and almonds. A personal touch with a unique and irresistible flavor that changes every year / IMAGE 4- Mrlrcotogne