• Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- Once the jar is open CONSERVATION METHODS Once opened, vegetables stored in oil can be stored in a place away from well-closed heat sources. It is very important to continuously cover all vegetables with extra-virgin olive oil up to the jar’s edge / IMAGE 2- Only for Foodies PICKLES The vegetables stored in extra virgin olive oil are a product for gourmets. The unique flavor, released by the aroma of the vegetables and the contact with the oil, and the scent that emanates at each jar opening make it an irresistible food. / IMAGE 3- Dried in the sun of Puglia TOMATOES IN OIL The Dried Tomatoes in Oil of the Estate of the Azienda Agricola Bisceglia contain all the flavor of the time, expertly preserved according to the Apulian culinary tradition, in order to enhance its taste. They represent a typical preparation from the ancient origins and handed down from mother to daughter, characterized by a unique and irresistible taste able to bring us back in time. / IMAGE 4- Straight from the branch OLIVES IN BRINE The traditional cuisine of the South has left us this great gift. The olives, coming only from the olive groves of the Azienda Agricola Bisceglia, are prepared during autumn following the traditional recipe of Gargano and then eaten in winter. / IMAGE 5- Pickles