Sunleaf / Pyramid Infusers / TEA

  • Country Origin: Netherlands
A high end range of individually packed pyramid shaped tea bags. Fifteen of these bags are packed in a stackable cardboard dispenser unit for a convenient, unique and luxurious tea presentation. Available in twelve flavours. The pyramid bags have a Triple Premium designation thanks to the following properties: 1) An innovative combination of the best sun-ripened fruit, herbals and carefully selected tea at the high altitude plantations. Contains only natural ingredients. 2) Nylon pyramid bags provide the full leaf tea all space needed to unfold and move around to release their pure taste and smell. 3) Single packed in an attractive small box in which the tea bag can be placed after use. This makes the serving of tea both nice and functional. IMAGE 1- English Blend A full-bodied blend of black teas that's often called English Breakfast tea. The perfect tea to drink with a delicious breakfast and to start a brand new day! / IMAGE 2- Earl Grey Black tea and the citrus fruit bergamot form the perfect pair, creating the traditional Earl Grey tea. / IMAGE 3- Tropical Fruit A tropical vibe in a cup. Pineapple, mango, papaya, the delicious taste of passion fruit and black tea combined create this enjoyable sweet tea. / IMAGE 4- Chai Chai tea has been cherished in India for centuries and has been the favourite drink of locals for years. A powerful black tea infused with typical chai spices like cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and a hint of lemon. / IMAGE 5- Turkish Apple Inspired by the atmosphere, smells and flavours of Turkish bazaars. A sweet black tea with apple and the creamy taste of vanilla. / IMAGE 6- Forest Fruit Craving something sweet? This Forest Fruit filled with raspberry and strawberry pieces is exactly what you are looking for. / IMAGE 7- Green Tea Unlike black tea, the leaves of this beautiful pure green tea are not oxidised. This process makes this a very soft and delightful green tea. / IMAGE 8- Green Tea Lemon The must-have! This refreshing green tea with lemon has grown to be one of the most popular flavours of the assortment. / IMAGE 9- Green Tea Jasmine Time to relax! And what better way than with this floral blend of green tea with jasmine petals. / IMAGE 10- Moroccan Mint This tea is inspired by Moroccan open-air markets where air is filled with the delicious smells of herbs. A spicy herbal infusion of cinnamon, chicory, liquorice, mint and a hint of orange. / IMAGE 11- Rooibos Naturally free of caffeine. This herbal infusion of the South African Rooibos has an authentic soft and sweet flavour. / IMAGE 12- White Tea Pear Enjoy this surprising blend of white tea combined with pear. White tea is created from unoxidized young tea buds and has a delicate and soft taste.