T´amore smaken / TEA

  • Country Origin: Netherlands
IMAGE 1- Jasmine Joy (600.003) Green tea with Jasmine that will make you happy. A delicious balanced tea for lovers with good taste. Ingredients: Green tea, jasmine blossom, aroma. / IMAGE 2- Relaxing Rooibos (600,009) Allow yourself to be embraced and warmed by the tranquility of Rooibos. Pure nature and wonderfully full of flavor. Does not contain caffeine, therefore also very suitable for enjoying in the evening. Ingredients: Rooibos. / IMAGE 3- Beautiful Black (600.002) Taste (and smell) this black tea and you will discover a colorful palette of ripe fruits, nuts and ... power. Just beautiful. Ingredients: Black tea. / IMAGE 4- White Wellness (600.008) Ssssst. Forget the time and all your thoughts. Let yourself be carried by the delicate, floral notes of this soft white tea. Pure pleasure in a bag. Ingredients: Green tea, white tea. / IMAGE 5- Easy Earl (600.001) Make yourself comfortable with this earl gray for every moment. The best black tea with a bergamot fruit citrus twist. Ingredients: Black tea, bergamot aroma. / IMAGE 6- Red Romance (600.005) Red tea full of fruity flavors and rose petals. It could have been devised by Cupid himself. Ingredients: Red tea, rose leaf, aroma. / IMAGE 7- Lucky Lemon (600.004) A living soul is a happy soul. So take your chance, choose this green tea with a fresh lemon flavor and you will feel alive. Ingredients: Green tea, lemongrass, lemon zest, marigold, aroma. / IMAGE 8- Magic Mint (600.006) Sparkling mint tea that illuminates your day. Make a refreshingly fresh start with this tingling tea. It looks like sorcery. Ingredients: Green tea, mint, aroma. / IMAGE 9- Pure Passion (600.007) An exotic explosion of fruit that makes you extra warm. Take a sip and before you know it you're in Passionfruit Paradise. Ingredients: Green tea, pieces of passion fruit, aroma. / IMAGE 10- Herbal Harmony (600.010) Relax and enjoy this soft chamomile tea. Nice after dinner or before going to sleep. Ingredients: Green tea, chamomile, lemongrass.