• Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- The beauty of tradition TERRACOTTA JARS The beauty and the goodness of tradition are enclosed in terracotta jars. They are the ones to contain and preserve our extra virgin olive oil in a garment that recalls the old containers of the past made current by the most contemporary colors. / IMAGE 2- Eulogy to the genuine THE TRADITIONAL The “Traditional” extra-virgin collection stands out for its refined and rustic appearance. The line consists of 4 types of oil: Monsignore, Principe, Barone. Names that recall the districts on which the olive groves stand. / IMAGE 3- Minimal Design MONOCULTIVAR The “Monocultivar” collection was created to enhance the typical varieties of the Puglia region. Peranzana, Ogliarola, Coratina and Biologico are the 4 types of extra-virgin olive oil contained in an innovative and elegant packaging. / IMAGE 4- BISCEGLIA