• Country Origin: Peru
IMAGE 1- Aguaymanto Small round berry that measures 1.5 to 2 cm in diameter and looks like an orange-yellow tomato, which is covered by a kind of leaf bud that has a paper-like texture. Aguaymanto has an appealing appearance, is tasty and bittersweet, and has a rich fragrance. In recent times, aguaymanto has had a boom in many countries in Europe and the United States as an important ingredient in gastronomy. / IMAGE 2- Soursop The fruit has an oval shape, can measure 30 centimeters and weigh between 2 and 7 kilos. It is delicate, greenish bark. The pulp is white, creamy, juicy, sweet and slightly acidic / IMAGE3- Golden Pineapple It is a hybrid of cayenne pineapple. It has a large green crown, with narrow leaves. Its shell is golden in color, the yellow flesh is compact, fibrous, juicy, aromatic and extra sweet, less prone to oxidation than regular pineapple. It has an oval shape (30cm high and 15cm in diameter) and cylindrical appearance. It is also known as Honey Golden, Golden Sweet or MD2. / IMAGE 4- Cannon It is oval, 8 to 12 cm by 5 to 6 cm, yellow to orange. When cut, it has a star-shaped section. This feature has made it very popular. to decorate cocktails and desserts. Its pulp is juicy, with a sour, sour and slightly sweet taste.